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My Music

Music Award Winner 2007 + 2016 European FICS - Category Audio C2, Song "Climate change" and "If Man Only Knew" (PDF text file; Song-Download; Movie) in coorperation with the singer and text writer Maurice LoMonaco

3D sound paintings / fantasy / 5.1 surround soundtrack / wellness / relaxation / harmony / therapy

A new stereo CD is planned for 2023 and extraordinary musical content in 5.1 surround / DTS music CD has been available since 2008; repeatedly offered at AES-Conventions (see 2010 in NY according to lecture demo audio sample 3D-movable sound sources).

Further self-song examples (our compositions, arrangements etc.) and news are available via common download platforms (e.g. Youtube, SPOTIFY or the like) and soon at (under construction) or on Facebook / Maya - Music 2017 and web page music available for DieAstronautinnen.

If you are interested in audio samples of the more recent songs, go here:


"Aurora" - 10 tracks either to listen continuously or to select individual per index. This CD costs only 16,- € (non-binding price including 19% VAT plus shipping).

CD-Cover Stories 1985

"STORIES" - 10 tracks, 5 tracks on each LP side, not old but rare! The price is 16,- € incl. "add on" in form of a 45 single with the songs "Wonderful Homeland" and "Incognito" (non-binding price including 19% VAT plus shipping.

CD-Cover Ambient Italia

"AMBIENT ITALIA" - Delightfully enchanting and intoxicating. This CD is inspired by the Dolce Vita. You can smell the scent of the beautiful landscape and feel the lifestyle of Italy. Enjoy these wonderful sounds. More informations around ordering see and for downloads here.

Prominent Reaction - OSKAR Winner 2017, Ennio Morricone

Prominent Reaction - Ennio Morricone

Press Reports

Pressebericht -Musik aus München-

Report in "Szene München"

Pressebericht -Hingehört: Neue LP's

Report "Neue LP's"

"Your individual music"

For the soul and the feeling to get personally addressed (s. psychological direct effect as well as accelerated music therapeutical depth effect (see below)) a sonorous spoken text with your individual naming is added to an existing selected song (28 minutes long).

These CDs are or were mixed digital in the own recording studio - the ONLY sorround recording studio in 86825 Bad W├Ârishofen near Munich with 30 years of mixing experience, inter alia, electronical music. And who makes it: D.Sc. Florian M. König, inter alia, as a member of the Association of German sound engineers.

Futher more awards use of music:

  • Several 1th to 4th places in FICS 1995, 2007 & 2016 and at the German RDT contests until 2017 too.
  • 3rd place in the German-new age charts in the eighties
  • 11th place in radio station charts in northern Italy
  • Multiple titles had been music contest winner in Gernany and the EU.
  • Music for documentaries
  • Theme music for the anniversary celebration of the "English Garden" (Munich)
  • Proven in use for a music therapy or coma patient reactivation
  • Press reports (see above)

Note for the best listening experience

As with all the above-mentioned musical performances, I recommend the use of special (low-radiation) surround sound headphones like my actual SFERICS-HEADPHONES SH-S1 to purchase by Or headphones with the logo of my 1990 founded first company named Ultrasone AG. This types of headphones of both companies offer an all-around 3D effect with distance perception and front-localisation of auditory events. Hint: It is well known to be particularly important to address oder synchronize the associated cerebral hemispheres just by using the humans ordinary natural 3D audio perception in daily life use (s. customers in music therapy application to rehabilitation and recovery interferes of coma patients).