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Dissertations abstract

Audio spectrum analysis of natural alternating fields in the atmosphere and some unanticipated results

Copyright © Florian M. König, 82110 Germering ab 2004

Weather processes correlate with electromagnetic alternating ELF/VLF fields. Specifically, this refers to horizontal and vertical air movements noticed as discharges. Numerous biophysical and electrophysical processes are directly influenced by such so-called atmospherics or sferics (AIS).

Herewith were studied the sferics at various locations around the world, using portable recording equipment. Spectrum analysis was performed later, with a three-dimensional display mode. It was desired to extract and model recordings matching weather conditions known to be healthful and pleasant. During individual recordings of AIS, nearby persons were interviewed daily. Later, a pilot blind study was performed, involving 29 persons. They were exposed to sferics and technics alternating fields, and freely expressed how they felt at the moment. The result demonstrates clearly that nice weather (high-pressure areas) evokes the most positive statements. Nice weather was described as "pleasant". The significance of the result was very high, namely 96%. On the other hand, negative comments were made about weather situations ranging from foehn and the sudden onset of cold air to mixed fields with technics.

Further, a biomedical PROGNOS(TM)) test developed for space exploration was successfully administered to four test persons. It underscored the obtained results.

It should be emphasized also that a high degree of statistical significance was obtained between sferics/weather and technics (OMEGA signals) situations on the one hand and related signal structures and frequencies on the other. Specifically, these correlations are as follows:

  • Omega signals or sferics or AIS at a frequency of 12 kHz or 12.5 kHz correlate with stimulating, animating, irritated, aggressive weather, such as foehn as well as with an imminent or existing sudden weather deterioration caused by the influx of cold air, etc.;
  • Omega signals or sferics or AIS at a frequency of 15 kHz correlate with an existing, dominant or nearby low-pressure system as well as with a feeling best described as tired, relaxed/calm, worn out, depressive; and
  • broadband, atmospheric pulse curves (from approx. 1 kHz to greater than 18 kHz, relative to the main intensity) correlate with a relaxing-pleasant, calmingly-neutral high-pressure weather situation or meteorologically more uniform weather phenomena.

In addition an unexpected model was obtained, in the form of a mathematical function, which makes it possible to locate the epicenter of an earthquake before it occurs. This was done by recognizing ULF abnormalities (sferics signals which periodically dropped out) in 3-D spectrograms, from which the related distance could be derived. A conspicuous example occurred before the major earthquake in Afghanistan on 3/25/2002.

The essential task of this work, namely to acquire so-called "nice-weather sferics", has been accomplished and is available de facto as a series of analyzed audio sound recordings. These sferics were found in long-term high-pressure weather systems which have just been formed or which are in the process of being formed.

At present, major issues concerning how to administer sferics are open. It is recommended that these issues be resolved in additional studies.

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