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What is electrosmog?

Electromagnetic pollution is especially today an issue.

Have remedies to be offered at all and why? The term comes from air pollution "smog" and was modified in the background that people, animals and plants react to something we can not smell, taste, hear or see. What is this?

A few basic words:

Everyone has at one point got an electric shock on a door knob or has seen lightning. Here, for example, a high voltage (designated in volts or [V] unit) between heaven and earth is based on; a kind of pressure which is called electrostatic field (or constant field; unit volts per meter or [V / m]). If now current is flowing (unit amperes or [A]) this "pressure" or voltage discharges impulsively and parallel to it (s. current flow) a magnetic field (in amperes per meter or [A / m]; in nano Tesla or [nT]) can be noticed. This explanation is necessary to understand what's common or normal in the nature for living beings since the atmosphere exists (s. box shapes).

Humans and animals have a sensory nervous system in which also streams are flowing in the same pulse shape but in its intensity by at least 1/1000 less than nature or man produces artificially. So organic creatures represent an electrical system, which can be influenced from the outside! Natural signal transduction processes mostly run chaotically, so supposedly "without system", rule or rhythm. Does it frequently come to such discharge processes or oscillations, maybe even periodically-rhythmically, one speaks at a time moment (s. one second) of frequencies in the unit Hz.

Darstellung zur Verdeutlichung des Textes.A graphical overview of all frequency ranges is shown in the picture. Particularly the frequencies below 10 Hz which affect the sleep pattern (s. Schumann resonance at 7.83 Hz; more in the magazine "Wetter-Boden-Mensch", Ausgabe 2-2005)have to be underlined, as well as the domestic electricity-/mains frequency at 50 Hz, the pulse-like weather radiation in the kilohertz range and the alternating electromagnetic fields from about 100,000 to 10,000,000,000 Hz (s. radar); above that value you find the light and finally the X-rays or gamma-rays and cosmic rays.

Our house power supply operates at a frequency of 50, a train with 16 2/3 Hz, so we move between low frequencies up to some 10,000 Hz (or some 10 kHz). A brief example, for recommendations of limit value presets for this frequency range: The overall computer industry submits to two well-known recommendations, the TCOTM or MPRTM. If you look at your computer monitor you will recognize, for example, a round sticker with TCOTM99. What does this mean? It means that there is a maximum of an alternating magnetic field in front of the screen at a distance of 30 cm from 200 nT (measured up to 2 kHz) emitted. Sounds reassuring!

The next arising question: Who determines this limit value presets?

For example, the requirements in accordance with the regulation 26 of the radiation protection commission in Germany, standards committees or recommendations of specific interest groups.

But first it goes upwards on the frequency scale - the so-called high-frequency alternating fields: it starts, inter alia, with the radio ((FM at about 100,000,000 Hz; 100 MHz), above that the TV and the mobile communications starting at 900,000,000 Hz (900 MHz or 0.9 GHz), then the microwave at 2.45 GHz and above in the X-gHz-range the radar radiation. Very important: Mostly, such RF fields are accompanied with radiofrequency field components, so-called low-frequency modulated field components. During the wireless information transmission they are linked with a support in the MHz / GHz frequency range - very difficult. Pure or exclusive high-frequency signals (e. g. 0.9 GHz) only penetrates the skin/body up to a few centimeters - a theoretical ideal state far from reality.

Image to clarify the text.Image: Three-dimensional spectrum analysis representation of a periodic GSM mobile communications signal of a roof transmitter (filtered 50-Hz hum; 2-2002). Noticeable are the harmonic signal edges, which are going beyond the time axis.

Remember, that the analogue television is currently being replaced by the digital. Words like broadband TV are used. And there is the crux or sham in the often fairly polemical electrosmog debate: that high-frequency fields always hide low-frequency components so they aren't harmless! An unobjective note: do they conceal something for profit? Strangely, as part of the frequency ladder also light, X-rays and cosmic rays may be added and thus filtered out mostly by the ionosphere.

Now it gets interesting: What are humans, animals and plants doing with these "invisible" ray-information? Where and at what point is something bio-compliant / soothing and at what point do you speak about electromagnetic pollution?

Let's go back to nature again: What's about the weather and the sensitivity to weather changes? Meteorology is currently limited solely to factors such as temperature, humidity, rain, wind, etc. The bioweather brings in the mood and a prominent, southern German phenomenon, the foehn (a dry, warm southerly wind with sunshine) is the reason for a lot of people in southern Bavaria to go crazy or be aggressive. Twice the number of accidents etc. speak volumes! What's going on there? Do we not tolerate nice weather in some cases? No, a low pressure system in the south of the Alps brings this foehn and hereby associated, "strange" alternating field discharges of the atmosphere (cf. sferics) which not only burds humans (see my book "Die Natur braucht Chaos"). A hot / cold front-passage triggers the way of similar unpleasant weather sensitivities.

In other words: all-subtle differences in the atmospheric pulse discharges (s. max. intensity frequencies of sferics) by certain weather conditions "spines" the body unfavorable ...

For better understanding in terms of sferics / atmospherics: These natural discharge operations happen permanent and worldwide balancing between positive and negative charged airzones. The most famous visible representative is a flash!

The main power of the sferics can be registered within the audio frequency range (approximately 20 to 20,000 Hz). In normal weather (no thunder) significantly weaker (by a factor of 1,000 and more), than those artificial fields produced by humans (so-called technics).

Now the final in the declaration and maybe you can imagine why there is electrosmog: Artificial, manmade fields (technics), have been created or produced with pure, technical developments so far, without making essential thoughts in this hundred years of existence about what the nature dictates the bios of the earth or what we living beings are used to adapt for millions of years !!! Yes, stochastic or chaotic signal processes (s. noise) and not periodic signals or alternating fields .... habitation makes the difference between natural sferics and artificial technics as well as electrosmog!

Now the typical exception of the described is needed: The "Schumann resonance" (s. "Die Natur braucht Chaos"). Given a prominent example of how to reach something positive briefly by target signals - the magnetic therapy. Using those fields / frequencies to long (s. overdose or overexcitement) stress and diseases arise again.

Actually, this is the second, supplementary explanation for electromagnetic pollution: artificial, periodic-permanent fields (like a sound) that act for too long on biological creatures and aren't known of it (cf. evolutionary time of all living beings and existing time of manmade fields). Do you remember i.a. the noise research and overdose? That applies here, too. For example, our 50 Hz household power supply or those 16 2/3 Hz of the city/underground/federal railroad (s. low frequency), the DECT with language pack pulsing at 100 Hz, GSM mobile communication around 217 Hz (s. putative RF) etc. can be called with their harmonics, which administer PERMANENT a periodic signal, inter alia, to humans.

You don't taste or smell it and so on! Everyone reacts differently sensitive to this and therefore the statements about electrosensitivity or sensitivity to weather changes vary so massive. According to studies conducted over 30 years by the Americans and the Russians only those who supposedly insensitive just eke out a job in the electrical engineering sector, had the highest cancer and mortality rate. Strange? Certainly not. Incidentally, the low frequency electrosmog is a recognized fact even for mobile communications supporters for years. As a quick reminder: the round sticker TCO'99 which assures "radiation povertiy" of PC monitors.

One more example: What about the mobile communications or the cell phones, which radiation makes sounds on the stereo system and the speakers; by high frequency there should really be nothing audible - an above mentioned proclaimed fallacy and even though low frequency and damage according to the "electromagnetic pollution"!

shielded coat for mobile phoneImage: Representation of a patented, very simple, highly efficient solution for broadband shielding of electromagnetic alternating fields, which would start from a mobile phone and be vaporized so that the human head from using MU-Metal TM (© FM König).

By the way: Technologies for the wireless signal transmission for example are already available. They would let go living beings as "electrically functioning influenceable receiving systems" less in resonance with those technical fields (s. "Die Natur braucht Chaos"). On the other hand this includes a low radiation mobile phone or headphones and headsets which are offered by Logo of Ultrasone AGUltrasone for years by the way.

A summary of "bio-compliant technics" is also published in the journal "Wetter-Boden-Mensch" (Issue 2-2006;


What awaits you can be gathered from a large number of industry / policy-linked articles on the WEB. This technology according to 4G (including LTE) is to be introduced radiating from 300 MHz to 300 GHz virtually everywhere in the world; Keyword fast downloading of movies, autonomous driving, etc. Unfortunately, before the introduction of 5G, no scientific efficacy tests on biological life systems (see evidence of safety!) With emitted, technical-synthetic waveforms were realized. From the links under fk-e-NEWS you can find out what u.a. has already become very alarming about previous wireless / wireless wireless transmission technologies. In addition, exemplary, two more scientifically sound movie links to your enlightenment. Most of us people believe: ( "That concerns me = YOU do not"; Believe does not mean know or displace! It is astonishing that apart from the, only the ÖDP is aware of the potential damage to the mobile phone. formerly also the "Greens" party in Germany (see Dr. Martin Runge), not today! That shortwave AC fields cause problems, e.g. in the bee flight orientation can cause (see wavelength and bee size = resonance, coupling, etc.), was already published in 1989 published scientific ("Electromagnetic Bio-Information", ISBN 3-541-71532-4). The same applies to conifers in which the needle length partly coincides exactly with that of mobile radio wavelength and the trees on the spruce forest edge are obviously shallow; especially near radio towers. Therefore, the recommendation to take precautionary measures against our already existing broadband radiation protection (see WLAN, DECT, radar, 2G-4G and 50Hz electronic products) with our preventative measures - the scientifically proven electrosmog - with our MHRs & SHLS. effective containment! It is YOUR health.

Doctors call for construction freeze for 5G mobile technology. Comparison movie: Science versus practical (wireless tech.) Safety Limits worldwide; highest discrepancies between the EMF impact and human protection.

Another, open letter from environmental doctors to the BUND: no expansion of mobile phone radiation; directly to the open letter here!

5G Netze Buch

Absolutely interesting for Gemans: In 2021 a new book around 5G networking, so called "5G Mobilfunknetze" (available as e-book). I supported this book by a preface and some "bio-compliant" technolgical content.