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chapter 1. to 4.

1. Product Flyer - Generally Purchase Informations - Prices:

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2. Generally Purchase Informations

  • Low frequency and high frequency meassurements of electromagnetic fields with discussions or assessments (measuring, s. Company Endotronic GmbH) before physical countermeasures or ultimately subsequent pipe systems are used. >>>>>>> Prices / expense calculations per measurement for above-mentioned consulting fees etc. amounted from EURO 150,- (+ 19 % VAT / UST .; pricing per working hour; prices for designated companies by respective free lasting deal).
  • Installation of worldwide new, patent-pending, passive multi-chamber pipe systems against the biological effects of "technics" or technical, artificial alternating field transmitters of human beings / electromagnetic pollution:. Base for that are for example CU pipes with silicon / carbon / metal layers (s. * DE patent applications). >>>>>>> Pricing for described pipe / can elements is between Euro 150,- and 690,-. (+ 19% VAT / UST .; prices for designated companies by respective free lasting deal).
  • Worldwide unique test for electrosensitivity or weather sensitivity: creating a profile with a so-called "Feldkonserven-Vergleich" (s book of dissertation) ) locally, to check whether volunteers are actually affected by technics or sferics, so natural, atmospheric alternating fields.
  • Acquisition, representation and audibility of light smog: sunlight, DC-AC high frequency light, energy-saving lamps. What light produces which flicker effects to the eye or what light is un-/ favorable on Esmog base?
  • Holidays in earthquake zones on our planet e. g. Asia: hours / day forecast with latest sferics-technics-remote analysis which refers to the dissertation (F. König & alte News 2004-2005 je LINK) and were able to predict earthquake / epicenters ten times earlier; s. also Japan 10-2004 and in particular the tsunami around Sumatra on 12/26/2004. Linked to this is the fact that earthquakes produce the familiar piezo spark effect on iron- containing quartz floor in mechanical stress on these crystals and thus imitate long- wavelength magnetic field information and model them in stationary transmitters.
  • Consulting on physical countermeasures in unfavorable field stress not only includes screening but also active counter-field generations in the low frequency range. Worldwide unique: therapy-surround-headphones with integrated silicon elements: Basics according to patent no. 19530830; s top left image - yellow surround headphones (see also acoustic bass) Ultrasone). Using: In general, the mood supportive music therapies such as anti-migraine / pain, concentration difficulties, contrasting "electrosmog effects", coma patients wake-up, sometimes tinnitus stemming effects etc (these are "non-binding information" about effects which can arise individual positive and have been collected in the last 13 years and are not isolated cases; list can be extended).
  • On demand we are able to make three-dimensional observations between zero an 300 Hz online of, inter alia, earth's magnetic fields online. In our latitudes, however, it will demonstrate if dirsturbing earth's magnetic field faults exist because of iron-rich devices or if earthquake significant stresses are built in the crusts at the residence.
  • Consulting on physical field reduction measures (active and passive or "low-radiation" surround headphones, s.
  • Interdisciplinary causes research and development Viktor Schauberger (s. swirl), Wilhelm Reich (s. chembuster), known as a naturalist, member of the advisory board of several companies (s. entrance side of the FKE GmbH as well as the production of natural, atmospheric "fair-weather alternating fields ":
  • More than 27 years of client experience ** with regard to the positive effect of the pipe system during the endurance test.
  • And if someone asks why these pipe systems are functioning (no esoteric!), I refer to the so-called Lenz's law or it's effects, which i.a. was used by John Bedini etc. for coil motors. Or test it by yourself and wonder: A magnetic ball doesn't fall to the ground with g=9.81 m/s in a copper pipe, but staggers slowly down because the fall in a copper pipe produces a current and thus a counter magnetic field to the magnetic ball falling direction/-gravitation is generated. That's exactly why the heart (a copper pipe element) of the multi-chamber cans / -pipe systems couples with magnetical/electrical or electromagnetical alternating fields in the vertical bearing to radiation sources, you know (s. Foundation ElektroPhysik: Lenz & Maxwell equations, etc.)? More in lectures / movies via LINKS on my refereces-website.
  • MOVIE for the LIVE Demonstration of the MHRs: In a German lecture on 18.6.2016 in Zurich by Jupiter-Verlag (see NET-Journal, Switzerland), the spontaneous lecture audience can be seen and heard (suggestively uninfluenced) in a temporal movie excerpt world-unique MHR systems for home & office & office improvised was demonstrated live. The MHRs are modified further developments from the high-frequency technology according to CU waveguide systems paired with inner, specially layered cavity fillings (patent applied with different granules and metal separations).
  • Inspired by this was the microwave stripline technique from the electrical engineering department of Dr.Sc. Florian M. König End of the eighties: A so-called "Wellensumpf" after Prof. Walter Janssen (book "strip conductor and waveguide", Heidelberg, Hüthig 1992, ISBN 3-7785-1834-8) is hereby integrated in the MHR's spatially. So it applies to the i.R. MHR applications laws such as Lenz's rule, where the current / flux is perpendicular to the alternating magnetic / electric field (see also right-hand rule). From this, the 90-degree perpendicular bearing set-up of the MHRs is recruited against all effective-neutralizing radiation sources in the low / high frequency range. 0 degrees, so just keep it parallel next to the MHR's ZERO effect! More background also in publications of "raum & zeit" 2019 (see NEWS here) as well as the NET-Journal 3 / 4-2019, Jg. 24, issue no. 3/4, or how to do it right in the following, practical picture examples:

  • 3. Applications

    Our ordinary MHR tubes for home or office use should point 90 degrees vertically "coupling" to a central power supply point (see 400V three-phase cable, fuse box, meter for the entire living / usage area, etc.). The MHR then acts inductively interactively coupled into the emitted magnetic field of these 400 volt devices ... and on the part of the electron stream of that usual network (50 / Hz / 230V) flowing there. All consumers connected thereafter (radiating NF & HF) as well as externally arriving radiation sources (the uninvited "guest") are thus exposed or interacting in the so-called superposition of the alternating fields via "MHR exposure". The MHR needs "actively working" either a kind of electrically conductive coupling antenna existing by metal elements (see CU wires or the like) or an electron current flow to interact! You notice that electrotechnical laws such as Lenz's rule apply here. Effects with / without MHR can very often be made spontaneous / immediately noticeable; see. MHR aimed vertically at 50 Hz mains power supply points = after about 10 seconds "subjectively" maybe cooler or freer air…. as air inhalation or less pressure on the chest, etc .; simply make an A-B comparison and pay attention to the marginal, tactile stimulus differences! The MHR’s therefore works against neuronal (oxidative-cellular) electrical stress; see "peer reviewed papers" 2017 & 2019 can be downloaded from the WEB at NEWS. The above MHR descriptions apply to panel radiators or rooms that are to be "soothed" with the MHR.

    On the other hand, there is the office landscape or doctor's office, where you have permanent DECT wireless home phones, WLAN routers "on / active" .... also Ct's or X-ray devices are found, which ideally "apply more" to you SHLS, that is, a current-carrying MHR system "should be applied to it. The key word is: neutralize point radiation sources in the near field directly! To do this, use this 3/5-way connector strip SHLS.

    We always recommend going up one MHR size for electrosensitive devices; see the next larger MHR version! In general, the scientifically proven best functioning device is certainly an H-PLUS-MHR for larger living rooms / houses = our best / most effective solution for targeting the power central points (see papers under NEWS). Last but not least, this should be noted when traveling in a car / truck / bus. Arriving at the travel destination minimized by electrostatic stress .... is mostly underestimated and that is why we have developed the MHR car socket, which is even easier to install: see photo series below "practical examples", i.e. among others In the center console or in the car trunk, simply connect the connecting cable capacitively via the 12V socket of the cigarette lighter to the 12V / on-board power supply. So simply connect the car MHR with a cable and a function LED lights up - done!

4. Practical Examples

EMF neutralizing at the house central power supply.

Electro-magnetic field (EMF) neutralization at the main power supply with one MHR device 90 degrees perpendicular to the three-phase line bearing. Additionally a historical 10 pcs MHR flock unchanged for more than 22 years as a device according to REFERENCES; See the very first picture of the case BASIC BIO AG right at the top.


Shown here are all possible six vertical directional alignments of an H-PLUS-MHR's exemplary fuse boxes as well as analog or in particular future digital counter; see. "Smart meters". Furthermore, a MOVIE, as you improvise with an H-PLUS-MHR perpendicular to a local fuse box with metal door in the narrow corridor of an apartment; namely, it is there on a comode the MHR "facing looking" like a laser beam directly on the fuse box (preferably FI-fuse switch) from. This works and works throughout the apartment with respect to all own and externally created as well as active LF / HF radiation sources.

neutralize radiation impact

In the case of a new type of house electricity meter or smart meter, a piece of H-PLUS-MHR "90 degrees vertically aiming at it", as an example as shown in the photo on the right, has already been successfully attached in practice for years of experiences to neutralize radiation impact. The bearing side of the MHR is marked with LF/HF beam symbols and the MHR back has been equipped with an ISIS symbol/company logo. This way you know correctly which MHR tube side must always point in the direction of the radiation source.


Here is an example of the attachment of 5 pieces or swarm of H-PLUS-MHR on a 10KV three-phase line to the industrial, electrical metal processing of a company in the Allgäu . Here is another example:

Gut Sonnenhausen

At Gut Sonnenhausen near Glonn, in the semi-natural renovated hotel and restaurant part (beautiful farmhouse by
Georg Schweisfurth), a 3-flock version with MHR was implemented to preventively minimize the effects of the 50Hz home power network and the desired WLAN-ON operation. By the way: You will find another prominent application example under REFERENCES, i.e. the almost antique MHR installed in BASIC BIO for 22 years for the entire sales area (one of 3 large branches in Germany; here in the City of Munich; G. Schweisfurth).

Neutralization on a mobile radio transmitter with directional orientation of a large MHR.

Neutralization on a mobile radio transmitter with directional orientation of a large MHR.

EMF bio-neutralized connector strip.

EMF-effect-neutralizing SHLS system with exemplary 5-way connector strip for stand-alone solutions in accordance with office workstations or extraordinary radiation transmitters (cf WLAN, DECT phone base station, CT, X-ray units in medical centers or the like).

SHLS Steckerleiste

The SHLS above shown device ia a 5-pin power supply connector in use during the corona crisis in a Hong Kong hospital (picture dated from 5.4.2020); see purpose: To facilitate or support the breathing activity of a Covid-19 patient in the hospital's intensive care unit.

SHLS zum umhängen

Compared to the connector strip SHLS shown above, a new miniaturized and thus portable "sliding on SHLS" (SHLS = layered hollow conductor system) was created in 2020. This is supposed to offer radiation protection when people are on the way (traveling), which was already checked in 2020 with further cell tests for its esmog protecting effectiveness. The portable SHLS is primarily carried like a chain (see photo) or with a longer "field coupling antenna cable" as a shoulder element with a fastening on the belt or in a carrier bag; so the first using test devices in the sense of a small pre-series for those like Electrosensitives.

SHLS für Mobilgeräte
Clothes SHLS

The shown "Mobile Phone SHLS" is now available in several sizes and connector versions (see photos left side) and is a miniaturized "layer waveguide system" (SHLS) for flexible everyday use together with cell phones or 4G/5G cell phones, notepads or laptops (cf. active WLAN/Bluetooth connection) which, among other things, have a headset/headphone/interface input. On the other hand, this passive SHLS device can also be galvanically coupled to an EMF shielding canopy or shielding clothing realized with silver thread yarn, for example (see movie: measurement effect, according to urban irradiated everyday environment). There is shown the small device which is simply plugged in via the 3.5" jack plug cable connection –>> so done the SHLS interacts via a galvanically conductive connection with a demonstrably highly effective e.g. a mobile phone (cf. near-field radiation hotspot) or another small computer with e.g. audio signal interface! The named SHLS interacts with the connected electronics via a cable (see above about electromagnetic waves or electron flow), so that these el.-magn. useful signal waves run into a so-called wave swamp pair then virtually death. More in the downloadable paper "Winter or December 2020" by the LINK.


The "USB-A Plug-In SHLS" shown on the left are extended versions (also sizes) of the "Mobile Phone SHLS" shown and described above and thus a "layer waveguide system" (SHLS) for everyday use on the PC (computer), notepads or laptops (cf. Hotsprots = active WLAN/Bluetooth connection) or also in the train/DB as well as cars/trucks with USB interface couplings of these SHLS. Thus, either in the near field, an increased active bubble is built up at the mobile computer workstation with the active benefit of the MHR/SHLS, which is numerously described here on the web. Moreover the car/truck housing is supplied and comparable with a Faraday cage, since these vehicles are now sufficiently equipped with electronics (even more e-cars) and there is also sufficient mobile phone signal coverage, e.g. on freeways or in the city. Your remedy for this is "implemented immediately and easily": You only need to plug the SHLS device into the USB-A socket and the galvanic-electrical connection creates the electro-stress-relieving benefit, as explained in the studies under references. About the dimensions, technical details, etc.: The smaller, rectangular USB-A-SHLS box is handier / smarter (4*7*2.3cm) and weighs around 80 grams; structure in two-channel technology. The larger and plump USB-A-SHLS box (10 cm length / 3.8 cm⌀) with blue edges is clearly several times "more effective" and weighs approx. 200 grams; structure in four-channel technology. The current prices for all products here can be found in the PDF flyer link above.

EMF neutralizing at a car.

EMF interference neutralization in cars / trucks with an MHR can, which is manufactured via a cable connection to the car MHR can to the direct current network of motor vehicles via a cigarette lighter plug connection; this without power consumption (only one LED indicates the operational readiness of the car MHR).

How much important the EMF neutralization inside cars & trucks & busses is shows a current TV RTL movie contribution (Oct. 28th 2017) with EEG brain activity measurements to electrosmog in electric cars; see clip with Miss Dr. Diana Henz and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schöllhorn / University Mainz. We have our remedies & technologies that have been validated through certified cell tests with the MHR; see contributions in German at the journal "raum & zeit" linked at the web space