Topics in 2005 of D.Sc. Florian M. König

(Doctor of Science and Physics Engineering, VGW University, Wilmington, Delaware USA April 2004)



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(I.) Past Topics summerized

  1. Scientific lectures regarding headphones psychoacoustic, el.-magn. compatib. / EMC during the DAGA '06 in march '06, der 120. AES Convention in may '06 and end of june '06 a planed lecture for the 28. AES Conference (5.1 surround-sound via spatial sounding headphones).
  2. Publication: "A historical view back 'in to the futur' due to the Schumann-Resonance"; up to now not published facts {in the journal Wetter-Boden-Mensch, Heft 2-2005 / May edition, furthermore published in the Nov./Dec. 2005 issue at the journal named MATRIX.
  3. Scientific lectures / publications: a.) "About the variance of infant and adult headphone to outer ear transfer functions"; b.) "Noise exposure in Kindergarden", in Märch'05 during the 31. DAGA / German Acoustic Soc. Symposium + in Aug./Sept.'05 European Forum Acusticum in Budapest.
  4. Hence Dec. '05 the Dissertation in a German version including actualization's due to Tsunami's, Taifun's, Hurricane's ed cetera is available via Michaels Ver. Verlags. GmbH.


(II.) Just done earthquake predictions ... "some days / hours before hazards" <> extract of current news as stated below:

NEWS: Further earthquakes also after 1-14-2005 / 9 a.m. in India/Sumatra/Thailand region again (anomalies > 8 sec / probable > 6 acc. to Richter) mixed with further distanced quakes in eastern Asia (13,3 sec anomalies will mean Japan / Pac. Ocean) .... Apart from this dominant anomalies at 3,2 sec. = distance of earthquake in Georgia/Turkey or Canary Islands <> actual to much ULF signals mixed which disclose several huge quakes all over the world for the weekend (> 6 acc. to RICHTER)!!!

Dated for Dec.-23-2004 (measured at 15.55 a.m. here in EU). Analysis and corrections by re-calculated facts / graphics: At this Christmas days 2004 could be again earthquakes in Asia (13 sec. anomalies) and / or specially in regions around India / Thailand (huge dominate 8 - 9 sec anomalies) shown by this following analysis graphics <>

Commends dated at Jan.-4-2005: Sorry, but after this Big Bang 9.0 earthquake and several huge quakes later around 6 to 7 acc. to RICHTER scale I finish this "earthquake prediction test time information's for a moment - pause." To inform humans by a quote of ~ 90 % is precise enough and not being able to defend 170.000 people is just stupid or horrible! Probably the time is ready to find an institute to work together to realize a world wide net of measuring stations now ... so not only to investigate in this patent appl., by a Dissertation claimed and AiF promoted electro-physical technique <<>> Don't hesitate to contact me for serious requests as well.

>>>>>>Hint: Some main LINKS due to ULF precursor analysis via activities in the NASDA-REPORT / IWSD2005 and the RIKEN IFREQ.

Please excuse, that I'm not able to update this page each day!


Summery of earlier news as a historical view back (also my copied sent eMails in English / German after the Sep.-25-2004):

German written message / sent eMail of Sept. 25. 2004 at 00:11 a.m.

Guten Montag- bzw. "Ex gute Nacht am Freitag", ich bin momentan etwas unruhig. Ich hoffe, ich bilde mir das nur ein, aber irgend wie läßt mich die Ammy-Ecke nicht trocken ... heute Nacht. Es ist kurz nach 24 Uhr (Freitag-Samstag) und ich werde jetzt kurz zum Sferics-Technics-Messen ausrücken (Daten-Prüfung), weil ich glaube, dass CA unmittelbar vor einem Großbeben steht. In der Erdbebenkarte im US-Erdbeben-Seismologischen Institut sind offensichtlich die letzten 1 - 2 Tage einige Kleinbeben verzeichnet ... Vorboten für den Hammer? ... Florian M. König

... and later eMails" MOUNT S. HELENS AREA": Was etwas unschön anmutet, ist die für mich extrem hohe Anzahl von Kleinbeben über den gesamten St.-Andreas-Graben (Mexico, über MOUNT S. HELENS AREA Was etwas unschön anmutet, ist die für mich extrem hohe Anzahl von Kleinbeben über den gesamten St.-Andreas-Graben (Mexico, über Mount S. Helens Area bis nach Alaska). Ich hoffe, dass da nicht der seit z.B. 80 Jahren erwartete BIG BANG in San Francisco abgehen wird, zumal sich wohl die gesamten Kontinental-Erdplatten über eine riesen Nord-Süd-Distanz ein wenig ost-westlich bewegen - schaut weniger gut aus??!!

Message / sent eMail of Sept. 26.-2004:

PS: Greetings from my father - he says, that probably a huge eartquake (perhabs in Califonia / western USA) will happen this hours / days ... or here in central Europe?!

Message / sent eMail of Oct.-5.-2004:

Hallo together, today I like to come back to the "predictions", which were made by my at the end of September 2004 (Sept. 24 to 25. 2004): Meanwhile it is well known, that the total area between south America / CA / Mount St. Helens / Alaska "moves frequently" - specially St. Helens is named in Radio/TV news jet. Furthermore I predicted for EUROPE: Pyrenees/ESP (4.3 acc. to Richter 30.9.04), Greece (2.10..04, 4.1 acc. to Richter) / Ukraine (3.10..04, 5.1 acc. to Richter). This was localized only by anomalies about 1,8 bis 1,9 sec = distance arround 1100 miles ... I think it's not necessary to talk more about the "correctness". After the predicted actual "pause / break" it will go on much more heavy next weeks! Please don't hesitate to go to an "actual seismogram WEB page": (USA) or (Germany).

Greetings from the "old / silent" middle Europe, Florian M. Koenig.

Information / Oct.-5.-2004 /9.20 a.m. / avaialble analysis data's: "To much existing earthquake ULF informations enveloped in Sferics/Technics signals. A huge number of earthquake activities are going on this hours worldwide (> 4 to 5 acc. to Richter) ... not only in central USA/CA, but south/northern America at the total St. Andreas rift area (actual pause there for some days <> f.i. St. Helens); Asia/JP; sounth Asia -Australia = the same distance for HAWAI I / USA; Iran/Afghanistan; central Europe area, Greece/Turky...Spain/Italy. .. Actually ULF's are bad to localize for my as one analysis. registering station here nearby Munich/Germany - "just overloaded"<comment> I need more stations working together in the futur ... to pre-localize earthquakes ed cetera.

Information / Oct.-11.-2004 /18.50 p.m. / last avaialble analysis data's: Calculated earthquake distances from Munich were 1700 <<region>> probable "quakes" at south-west Spain or Greece to Turcy border or Bulgary/Ukraine. Further "quakes" at a distance of 8000 KM from Munich <<region>> nearby Bahamas/South America or Namibia or north Madagascar or Sri-Lanca/Bangladesh or specially central China (western area of Peking/Tschengtu) or Sibiria/est-northern Russia. Final growing "quake" activities at California an Mount St. Helens end of the week and days later. Due to Europe long distanced "quakes" at south Asia/Australia or HAWAII / USA (same distances in ULF's) again. It is not really expected the great BIG BANG this days there, but magnitudes about 5 to 7 acc. to the Richter scale could be possible.

 Contemporary information / Oct.-14-2004 /9.35 a.m. / last avaialble analysis data's: Huge earthquake nearby Taiwan at Oct.-15.-2004, time 4.08 a.m. >>>> To learn about the model, the german so called "Korrelation " first graphics here of D.Sc. F.M. König and how it works: The second shown colored graphics is for an just made earthquake distance calculation due to the made Sferics/Technics analysis:

Information / Oct.-16-2004 /6.50 p.m. / last avaialble analysis data's: Earthquake regions at a distance of 7.000 - 8.000 KM from Munich (Iran-India Region?) and long distanced at about 17.000-19.000 KM like Hawaii/south-east Australia_New Zealand_Antarctica) ... we will see where will be the quakes 5 to 6 acc. to the Richter scale. ------> Earthquake results were: Eritrea-Ethiopia (22.10.04 / 12 o'clock, 5,5 acc. to Richter), Vanuatu (eastern region of Australia; 20.10.04 / 6.62 p.m., 6.1 acc. to Richter) ed cetera ...... so the testing period to predict main quakes was correctly made this three weeks jet (comment of 22.10.2004 / 16 p.m. / Germany)!

Information's due to end of November 2004: Due to actual ANALYZIS (after Nov.-21.2004 and Nov.-22.-2004 at 11.25 and 9.00 p.m. Germany time) with 4,5 / 10 / 13 sec. periodic effects in spectrum charts I suggest earthquake areas of IRAK/Iran (distance 4.000 KM), the eastern area of Russia or western China versus Thailand (distance 9.200 KM), Europe (distance < 1.500 KM) and ones more Japan / Taiwan (distance ~13.000 KM), regarding earthquakes henceforth ... "according to my belly instinct" probably also it should begin to move the St. Andreas Crusts in CA again (around San Francisco?!) <> growing problematic zone >>-->> Commends: Unfortunately registered huge earthquakes in Japan (7.0 acc RICHTER), Iran and in northern Italy at the end of November 2004!!!!

Contemporary NEWS >> analyzed at 10.30 a.m / Dec.-3-2004: Huge Anomalies at about > 10 sec.; the epicenter distance from Munich / Germany is distance more than 9.000 KM. So earthquake hazards will spring up for instance at around India / China / Pacific or Mid-North-America or Cuba/Bahamas. Also were registered anomalies for less distanced Quakes at Europe (probable central + eastern area) ... actual commends / Dec.-9.2004 at 2 p.m.: "I think there is nothing to say due to the current made and correct predictions >> unfortunately we had strong quakes (5 to 7 acc. to RICHTER) in Europe / India-Bangladesh / Japan ... this days!

Contemporary analysis of Dec.-7.2004 (made at Dez. 9th at 2 p.m.) showed me a "difficult" mixture of ULF anomalies for a far distant quake (around Australia / New Zealand / Indonesia <> distance ~ 18.000 KM), Near East (near-by Iran to Pakistan, Mid Africa / equator <> distance ~ 5.000 KM) and in central / eastern Europe (~ 2.000 KM) growing probable huge earthquake!!! <<>> This was again a 100 % quote of hits!

The days after Dec.-13-2004 (4.30 p.m analysis here in EU): Again earthquakes in Japan (13 sec. anomalies) and in Europe like Greece / Turkey / Rumania region (2,75 sec anomalies)!!!!!!!

Dated for the days after Dec.-16-2004 (12.55 a.m analysis here in EU): Earthquakes in a distance of 7.000 KM and 9.500 KM (hint: 8 and 11 sec. anomalies detected). Probable quakes around India or mid China or south Afrika or eastern USA and Alaska or western/north USA or Columbia or Rio de Janeiro or Thailand or Chorea or northern Malaysia region (this named countries are probable countries regarding the analyzed quake distance from EU; unfortunately I've only one measuring station here in EU <-> two stations world wide would offer the epicenter calculation)!!!


(III.) Some passed German lectures

  1. Untersuchungen zur Varianz der infantilen sowie adulten Kopfhörer-Außenohr-Übertragungsfunktion. . 23. Tonmeistertagung. ..Leipzig, 7. Nov. 2004 / DE . - . VDT.
  2. Untersuchungen, aktuelle Ergebnisse und Daten zum Thema Umweltkatastrophenvorhersage. . Expertentagung, .5.11.2004, 21 Uhr, Waldkatzenbach/Eberbach >>>
  3. Natürliche und technische Wechselfelder in der Atmosphäre - Interdisziplinäre Analysen mit überraschenden Ergebnissen (Teil I). . Prä-Historisches", Wetter- und Strahlenfühligkeit, Elektrosmog-Definition, Meteoro-/Biotropie, Erdbeben-Vorhersage, zukünftige Applikationen zu DECT / GSM. .Vortragsreihe & Workshop "Der Mensch im Strahlenfeld". .13. Nov. 2004, Zürich / CH. .Jupiter Verlag und TransAltec AG, Postfach 605, CH 8035 Zürich, Telefon +41 (1) 252 77 34 (33), Fax: +41 (0)1 252 77 36, mailto:
  4. Strahlungsarme Raumklangkopfhörer (Teil II). . 3D-Surround-Sound bzw. Konzertsaal ohne Elektrosmog. .Vortragsreihe & Workshop: . "Der Mensch im Strahlenfeld". .13. Nov. 2004, Zürich / CH. Weitere Informationen dazu, siehe 2., oben und im WEB via..!


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